Owl Energy Technologies:Press Release December 2014

Your Fixed Speed Alternating Current (AC) Motors are Obsolete and they are Costing You and or your customers’ Money.

Your manufacturing and production work horses, the fixed speed alternating current (AC) motor, have seen technology expose significant limitations.

Most hours your AC motors are running, they are using more electricity then they need to which costs your company and or your customers’ money.

They do not and cannot determine the actual load and therefore run at their design points and consume un-necessary electricity at additional cost.

They cannot provide start-up spike reduction if needed and nor can they provide soft-start and or soft-stop.

They cannot detect ‘phase loss’ which leads to motor burn outs.

Is there a Cost Effective Solution that will Make Your AC motors Not Obsolete and Intelligent? Yes !

Capability Your Motors and their application device Your motors and their application device with our Intelligent Motor Controllers
Start-up Spike reduction No Yes
Phase Loss detection No Yes
Soft start No Yes
Soft stop No Yes
Energy usage optimization: Lower costs No Yes
Increase payback with or without NEMA motors? No Yes

List price for our Intelligent Motor Controllers provide Return on Investment (ROI)/Payback of 14 to 20 Months. Quantity discounts will improve your ROI

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