Intelligent Motor Control Centers (IMCC)
and Motor Control Centers (MCC) Compared to
Intelligent Motor Control (IMC) and Motor Controllers
(MC) with Variable Voltage Drive (VVD) Capabilities
as provided by Owl Energy Technologies


SIntelligent Motor Control Centers and Motor Control Centers are basically
just familiar motor control components in a common enclosure. See
note one.
They could be more accurately designated as
Intelligent Motors Control Centers and Motors
Control Centers.


Intelligent Motor Controllers or Motor Controllers
with Variable Voltage Drive (VVD) Capabilities as
provided by Owl Energy Technologies:

Match actual load to motor usage thus reducing
electricity used and lowering costs.



Schneider-Electric describes their Model 6
intelligent Motor Control Centers (iMCCs) -
Integrated intelligent components and device-level
networks provides improved performance to
enhance any process or production method.

It offers a total solution package with "intelligent"
components and cabling solutions.

The Model 6 iMCC reduces installation time and
costs by replacing large bundles of field-control
wiring with either pre-wired I/O or networking
technology. Total installed cost-savings generally
average 10% to 30%.
See Note two.



Examples includes compressors, plastic injection
molding machines, presses and more

For commercial and industrial fixed speed alternation
current motors

Owl Energy Intelligent Motor Controllers provide:

  • Start-up spike reduction, soft start and soft-stop capability And provide Energy Optimization
  • Lower KWh, Demand, KW and KVAR
  • Can be applied to motors without regard to their age or insulation class
  • Perfect for retrofit,
  • Improve payback for NEMA efficient motors
  • Significantly reduces the motor heat and as a result, increases the life of the motor
  • Proven technology in use in thousands of installations worldwide



Note one:
Intelligent Motor Control Centers - The Present and the Future
Dave Blair Commercial Marketing Manager
Rockwell Automation MCC Business tor%20Control%20Center.pdf

Note two:



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