VFD and VSD compared to Intelligent Motor Controllers with Variable VOLTAGE Drive (VVD) Capabilities as provided by Owl Energy Technologies

Press Release: Tuckahoe, NY December 2014

Variable Frequency Drives(VFD) Variable Voltage Drive(VVD) capabilities with Owl Energy Technologies’ Motor Controllers
  • Ideal when Load is Constant:Output needs to be varied,speed control is required:IE: Water Pump

  • Soft starter capability
  • Proven Technology
  • Ideal when Load Varies,
    Matching actual load to motor usage Reduces electricity used and lowers costs.IE: Escalator; compressors; Presses and more

  • Start-up spike reduction, soft start and soft-stop capability AND Energy Optimization
  • Can be applied to motors without regard to their age or insulation class
  • Perfect for retrofit,
  • Significantly reduces the motor heat and as a result, increases the life of the motor
  • Proven technology in use in thousands of installations worldwide
  • An example: A water pump:
  • Load is constant;
  • Amount of water pumped per minute needs to change as well empties;
  • VFD changes speed of motor to pump more or less water
  • An example: An escalator
  • Load Varies
  • For an escalator at start-up, the motor is moving the steps up or down.
  • When people start using the escalator, the load is obviously increased;Our
    VVD Intelligent motor controller will provide the Adjusted power , volts times amps, as needed.
  • Your motor today cannot do this.

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Owl Energy Technologies’ Intelligent Motor Controllers with VVD Capabilities, Your Complete fixed speed AC motor Solution!

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